Friday, July 29, 2011

On the blogger email thing... scratch that...

So, apparently my blog got hacked. IN SPANISH, NO LESS!

Sorry if anyone clicked on any links or whatever, I'm sorry. Wasn't me. :-(

Anyway, seeing as it happened the day after I switched to email posting, I'm blaming it on that. I probably just picked too easy a password or something, and I did kind of put it out there that I have it enabled, but hey. I'm not taking chances. I'll just take the extra few seconds to copy and paste, rather than have my blog hacked because of laziness.

Oh well. Return to your regularly-scheduled programming.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Linking Google+ to Blogger

So, I'll leave this up in case anyone needs it, but see this post to see why I'm not doing this anymore.

Linking Google+ to Blogger

So, I just tested this, and it worked. You can setup blogger to receive emails from Google+.

Now, you can post long stream posts directly to your blog. I tend to occasionally be long-winded on Google+, and I think, "Man, this could be a blog post!" Well, now I can post to Blogger directly from Google+. It has the annoying Google+ email wrapper, which I'll try to go and delete as needed. Still, it's better than an empty blog, isn't it?*

Here's how I did it:

1) Go to Blogger and click on "Settings." Under settings, click on "Mobile and Email."

2) Now, scroll to the bottom and find your blogger email address. You'll need to set a secret passphrase in your email, so that others can't post to your blog. If your blog is and your passphrase is "grapefruit," then your email will be:

3) Go to Google+ and click on Circles. Create a new circle called "Blogger." Click on "add a new person" and enter the email address for your blog.

4) Type your long-winded post and share it with your Blogger circle.

Now, be aware that if you share all of your posts with "Your Circles" or "Extended Circles" then all your posts will go to blogger. Instead, share with specific circles or public, and only add Blogger to the share list when you want it to be a blog post as well.

Hope that helps!

**Blog followers, I promise not every blog post will look like this. It's just something I'm trying.
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