Monday, June 28, 2010

A Post on Revision on Bransford's Blog

Inspiring Me Today: Guest Blogger Bryan Russell

There is an absolutely wonderful guest post up on agent Nathan Bransford's (in)famous blog. If you don't follow Mr. Bransford's blog, I recommend it. It's widely famous for being insightful, entertaining, and not overly filled with complaints about how annoying we authorial hopefuls are.

Today's post is a guest post by Bryan Russell, and is about revision. He explores some of the same important points about revision I have made in the past in my "Trimming the Fat" post, but uses the very helpful (if less mouth-watering) metaphor of a house. Here's a short excerpt:

(P)aint can only do so much. Sometimes stories need more. Sometimes they need deep revisions. That is, a re-visioning, a re-seeing of the story itself. We have to step inside and see a new house in the old one.

Yet we can’t always just tear it down and build it from scratch. We’ve invested too much, we’re running out of funds, and the parlor is really quite nice, and the brick fireplace, yes, it’s quite divine. And the view from the sunroom? Who wouldn’t want to keep that?

But there are problems. People tend to get lost. Hallways seem to go in the wrong direction. One of them ends inside a broom closet without a light, an albino raccoon hissing at you feverishly in the dimness. Where did that come from? It seemed so inspirational at the time.

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