Thursday, July 22, 2010

In the Mean Time: yWriter Again

While I'm not going to be making real blog posts like normal during my hiatus, every once and a while I may post something interesting but low effort for your reading pleasure. This is such a post.


Today, I came across a great video tutorial showing how one author uses yWriter. You can find the tutorial here:

The interesting thing is that she uses yWriter strictly as an outlining tool. I'd never thought of using it in that fashion, and this tutorial does a great job showing some of the cool outlining tools yWriter provides.

However, in a comment I left for her, I wanted to point out some of the benefits of writing with yWriter. And so, I thought I'd repost those comments here for your reading pleasure.


yWriter is actually an editing software (you can actually write your novel in the software), and there are some benefits to using it like that. By having each scene as a separate file, you avoid the problems that sometimes occur with large word files for the entire manuscript, and you also don't have to keep closing/opening files if, say, you have one for each chapter.

The tools it provides in the writing process, and especially the editing process, are great. It displays word count for scene, chapter, and the novel. It provides word count tracking, which is great for those with writing goals. And you can drag and drop scenes. This is very helpful when you realize that a scene really needed to happen earlier. You can drag and drop it, which is much easier than copying/pasting. You can even import a manuscript in, and it will split up the word file automatically into chapters/scenes.

The one downside to the software is that there is no grammar check and the spelling check only works if you download the additional plugin. Still, for a first draft (or for an editing round that you plan to follow up with a spell/grammar check in Word), it's great.
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