Thursday, September 29, 2011

Choosing My Next Phone Part One: The History

So, I'm getting a new phone soon. Eligibility is coming up fast, and my phone's screen completely died on me, so I'm deep in the throws of researching my next choice.

I'll explain the choices and why I picked what I did, but first, a bit of history:

When the iPhone first came out, I decided to get a Blackjack instead. It was the same thing, right? They're both smart phones! They both play music!

But no, they aren't. The old Windows Mobile format was horrible, there were no decent apps, and it didn't have a touch screen. I liked the phone well enough, but was eager to get something else.

 The next time around, I wanted an iPhone. But instead, I got a Samsung Impression, which is a messaging phone. Messaging phones have cheaper data plans, and it had a slide-out keyboard (which I still like better, but oh well. I'm just old). They both have touch screens! It's the same thing, right?

No, they aren't. The lack of apps (again) plus the limited browser support made it hard for me to use it as anything more than an email checker. I'd really like to be able to write on my phone, read books, etc.

So now, I want a new phone, and I am GETTING a touch screen smart phone.

But I don't think I'm getting an iPhone. Am I crazy? Read my next post to see my thought process.
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