Thursday, March 18, 2010

Howdy Partner (I'm from Texas. I can say that.)

So, Casey's post has gotten me thinking...................

(and not just about the fact that I need to get that stupid sticking period on my keyboard fixed........)

Maybe I need a critique partner. I've always heard about the benefits, but it's almost always mentioned as if its an assumed thing. Oh, of course you have a critique partner.

No, I don't, actually. Thanks for bringing it up.

Well, that's not really true. I do have my wife, who has truly excellent instincts. I say in my dedications for The Ledger Domain that she "practically wrote most of it," and it's pretty true, really. She's a great idea-maker and inspiration-generator. In fact, the entire concept for the series was generated out of a conversation with Wendy. She's wonderful at coming up with ideas and helping me overcome problems, especially with handling the romance in a way that won't alienate my female readers. My main job as an author is to make her swoon. If I can do that with my writing, I've done a good job.

Still, I'd like a critique parter. I'd like someone to read my work who could comment on phrasing, metaphor or lack thereof, and pacing of the action. These are things Wendy can't always provide, as great a reader as she is.

What I need is an author.

Unfortunately, the only professional author I vaguely know is my third-cousin, Jason Boyett, whom I've never even met. We've emailed, etc., but I wouldn't exactly say we're close. Besides, he writes (quite humorous) religious non-fiction. Not exactly an ideal reading partner. So, I can't think of what to do.

Any ideas?
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